Christopher's "Hang On to the Dream Foundation" Makes Kids' Dreams Come True

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Sandringham trainer, Christopher Ewing, host of an Emmy award winning kid's T.V. show in the late 90's called "Hang On to the Dream" recently made more dreams come true through his "Hang On to the Dream Foundation", a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that helps kids realize their dreams by supplying them with items, opportunities or money in order to help them succeed in their lives.  Recently Christopher's organization made 15 year old Josh Pobursky's dream come true in a big way.  Josh is an outstanding hockey player whose dream was to meet the NHL's all-time leading goalie Patrick Roy.  "Josh is an incredible kid who blew my mind from the first day that I met him and I knew then that we had to make his dream come true" Christopher says. 




At the age of 13 months old doctors amputated both of Josh's legs below the knees due to a birth defect that caused his limbs to be severely underdeveloped.  At the age of 2 Josh received his first pair of prosthetic legs and years later went on to have a love for hockey. 

A few months ago, Christopher's organization flew Josh and his family to Quebec, Canada where Josh not only got to meet his hockey idol, but also got to skate and pick up some pointers from the hockey legend.  "It was awesome!", Josh said when he was asked by a sea of T.V. & newspaper reporters about having the chance to meet and skate with Partirck.  "At first I was really nervous meeting him and seeing all of the cameras and everything, but Patrick was really cool and he made me feel a lot more at ease."  "Josh is incredible", Patrick says of the young hockey phenom.  "He is great kid with a lot of talent and he is truly an inspiration to all of us."

"Josh is really what "Hang On to the Dream" is all about", Christopher says.  "He is a great kid who has never let his 'disability', if you want to call it that, get in the way of his dream of playing hockey.  Doctors told his family after they amputated his legs that he would grow up and never be able to walk, and in a way I guess they were right, because all Josh does everyday is skate!"


Another group of kids who Christopher's organization recently helped were kids from the Detroit School for the Fine and Performing Arts High School, where the late teen singer Aaliyah attended.  An overnight break-in at the nationally recognized arts school made headlines around the country when students and faculty found virtually every instrument in the Band Room either stolen or destroyed.  "It was vicious... there were broken instruments all over the place.  It was just terrible," said Ed Quick, one of the music teachers at the school.  "When I read about the break-in I couldn't believe it because a lot of the instruments were owned by the students themselves and many of them had to scrape money together to buy them in the first place", Christopher says.  "As it turns out, kids from a rival high school band were the ones who broke in."



Following the break-in, his organization contacted Yamaha Corporation of America who was more than happy to help the kids get back in step.  On a recent afternoon, Christopher and a rep from Yamaha presented the kids with over $5,000 in new instruments.  The kids were so excited that they couldn't wait to treat everyone to a special concert with their cool new stuff.




The "Hang On to the Dream Foundation" has been a dream of Christopher's for many years and it has been a special treat for him as one of the foundation's major financial contributors to see kids get the items and opportunities that they deserve.  "The foundation has been very rewarding to be a part of because it's not one of  those 'charities' where the only ones who reap the benefits are the directors and organizers of the charity" he says. "All of the proceeds from donations to the "Hang On to the Dream Foundation" go directly toward the support of the kids who contact the foundation in need of help.  Items like art supplies, photography equipment, musical instruments, you name it, all go directly to the kids who contact us and tell us what their need is."  There is also a "Hang On to the Dream Scholarship Program" being set up that includes financial assistance to college bound kids. One special scholarship is for kids who are planning on attending an equestrian university. 

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