Congratulations to

"Wunderkind" & Emigh Litch
Adult Amateur Hunter Division
2011 American Royal Horse Show
Kansas City, Missouri

Congratulations to

Jordan Allen & "Avedon"
American Royal Hunter Division

2nd Place
North American League/Washington International Horse Show
Children's Hunter Classic
American Royal Horse Show
Kansas City, Missouri

Christopher Ewing & Sandringham
take great pride in congratulating
The Patterson Family
on the former Sale Horse
being named the

United States Equestrian Federation

Regular Working Hunter

"Horse of the Year"


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American Hanoverian Society

Regular Working Hunter
Large Junior Hunter Division

(riders 16-17)

and congratulations on being featured on the cover of In Stride Magazine
That's cool!



Congratulations to

on winning the
2007 $3,000 GPHC Mini-Prix
Owned by Doug & Mary McNabb
Shown by Christopher Ewing
(pictured above: Mary McNabb, owner; Fred Satterlund, President of the Grosse Pointe Hunt Club; Christopher Ewing on "Marselles")

Congratulations to our horses and riders
on a great job at

Way to go, Gabi, on placing in all of the
Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under jumping classes!


Shown by Gabrielle Foxa
4th Place HBO/Marshall & Sterling Junior Equitation O/F (3'6")
8th Place & Reserve (twice) Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under O/F

Video 2007 Hampton Classic
(Gabi & Renaissance placing 8th in the Junior Working Hunter 15 & Under O/F


7th Place
Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under O/F
Shown by Gabrielle Foxa


6th Place & More
Regular Working Hunter Division
Shown by Christopher Ewing


Equestrian Team,
Christopher Ewing


2008 IHSA National Championship Finalist

Cortney Glass
on her 10th place finish
at the

2008 IHSA National Championships
in Los Angeles, CA!

You've come a long way in just 2 years, Cort! 
Way to go!

(Above photo: Cortney with IHSA founder Bob Cacchione
at the 2007 IHSA National Championships in Springfield, Massachusetts)


Sandringham trainer, Christopher Ewing,
featured in the November 2006 issue of


About the article:

"When 'Equestrian Magazine' called a few months ago to interview me about being a minority who is successful in a predominately white sport, I said "I can think of other black riders you should want to interview, like Paige Johnson (who, in my opinion, is the best African-American rider showjumping has ever had).  The reporter said "oh, yes, I plan on it."  I don't know what happened to that interview, I would have enjoyed reading that one.  Nevertheless, I applaud the magazine for even doing this article because it does kind of address the 'elephant in the room' and gives me a chance to personally say "thank you" to those of 'non-color' who are reading this now.  I grew up a black kid in Detroit who came running in the door after 2 weeks at summer camp at 13 years old, yelling "Mom, I rode a horse, I rode a horse!  Can I have a horse?" and her looking at me like I was crazy.  Those 2 weeks at camp has turned into what is now nearly 30 years of love, not only a love for my horses, but also a love for my riders and the many, many friends that I have made along the way.  From my very first riding lesson in Detroit to having trained with George Morris at Hunterdon in New Jersey, riding continues to be an incredible journey and a real joy in my life.  So, while the subject matter of this magazine article may have come from a sensitive topic, racism, I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to all of my riding friends who have accepted me in this sport.  While there have been a couple of negative people that I have encountered along the way, like the ones I mention in the article, there have been hundreds of others over the years, both here and in Europe, who have welcomed me as their trainer and friend, and not just as a "black rider", but as a rider; not just as a "black man", but simply as a man.  Thank you very much for your respect, and most of all, for your friendship. 

To the kids who read these words and this article, if you come away with nothing else, I hope it is this: NEVER GIVE UP!  This is a sport filled with 'judgment'.  Some of it, obviously, is warranted, because that's what horse showing is about.  But then, some of the judgment is not warranted. Pay zero attention to those who will try to convince you that you can't do something because you don't have enough money, or because you don't fit the "image" of a "pretty rider" because you are not skinny enough or not tall enough or whatever else.  Forget about it, you don't have time to listen to that stuff.  Get on the horse, keep your heels down and hands together, go out there and ride and be the winner!  Enjoy the article." ~ Christopher    

To read the article,

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Christopher's "Hang On to the Dream Foundation"
Helps Courageous Teen With No Arm 
Reach For Her Dreams

"Click Here"

 is proud to congratulate our boarder
Dr. Cindy Grines
(mother of Jessica Grines and owner of "Renaissance")
on her breakthrough procedure
in the field of stem cell transplantation.

Cindy was recently featured "Live" on "Good Morning America"
and many other news programs when she recently made medical history after participating in the first ever stem cell transplantation to the human heart. 


A 16 year old boy was brought into the hospital after being shot in the heart with a nail gun. 


Stem cell transplantation has been highly
controversial when using embryos to harvest the cells, however, at the time, Cindy had already been doing research  into the possibility of harvesting and then transplanting ones own stem cells back into their body in an effort to repair organ damage. 

When this young man came into the hospital, he had already suffered a heart attack as a result of his injury and was initially diagnosed as needing a heart transplant. 

Cindy and her team immediately applied for emergency "Compassionate Use" permission with the FDA to precede with the experiment that they had been working on, in an effort to save this young man's heart, and his life. 

Today this young man is practically back to normal, thanks to the outstanding efforts of Cindy and her medical team.

  Not only is Cindy responsible for saving this young man's heart and life, but Cindy's work is being hailed as a medical breakthrough and she is now being recognized as a "pioneer in the field of medicine". 

Way to go, Cindy!
We have always been proud of Jessica and now
we are especially proud of you! 

You are changing the world!!! 

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